At some point during a school trip to Europe, I acquired a reputation for “wandering” (ie, getting lost). While slightly embarrassing at the time, this moniker is  a point of pride today — in fact, wandering is one of my favorite things to do. It might not be especially productive or efficient (as it seems everything is supposed to be these days), but I find the best way to discover is to simply wander, and the best things are found when you get a bit lost. So this corner of the web is dedicated to all my wanderings — through my city and through travel, through food and coffee explorations, through thoughts and ideas. Welcome to Wanderland! Care to get a little lost with me? You never know what you’ll find.

So who’s this person getting lost in Wanderland (and various coffeeshops)? That would be me — Andie, a writer and javaholic living in Kansas City. In addition to working as a copywriter and editor and whipping up drinks as a barista, I’m a history and word nerd and a big fan of curiosity (and curiosities). I have a particular fondness and/or obsession with coffee (clearly), chocolate, dim sum, giant pandas, anything vintage or random, anything European (especially French), and parentheses (obviously). In between exploring (or rather, wandering) and searching for Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, I can usually be found running, reading, or trying to keep my nutty cat, Luna, from destroying my apartment. If anyone comes across the inept owl in charge of delivering my Hogwarts acceptance letter, kindly send him my way immediately.

If you’d like to see some of my work, please check out my portfolio!